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“Oprato is the accredited training partner of Automation Anywhere. Oprato Automation Anywhere training is a wide-ranging RPA course exclusively designed to gain proficiency in the Robotic Process Automation domain and developing Bots.

This automation anywhere online/class room training will familiarize with the essentials of the Automation Anywhere Enterprise platform.

This course will tells the importance of RPA and how to use its functionalities to develop Bots. We will hand holding You to get hands-on experience through real-time projects and course works which will promote you to kick-start your profession in RPA area.”

About Course

About Automation Anywhere Certification Course

“Oprato Automation Anywhere training course is planned and Designed by Automation industry professionals to provide in-depth understanding on the Automation Anywhere Enterprise platform. It will help you Rapid career building in the RPA platform. This course content will train you on isolating business processes from the Automation outlook by using well-designed features of Automation Anywhere to build and Develop bots.

We assured you to be expert by end of the course completion, by using Automation Anywhere features, functionalities, architecture and components.”

Introduction to RPA
Synopsis of Automation Anywhere Tool
“Overview and Importance of Automation Anywhere in RPA journey.”

Learn and understand the methodologies which can be automated, cognize Digital Workforce Platforms, AA Architecture, Meta Bot, IQ Bot, Recording Type, Workflow Designer, Web Control Room, and Web Control Dashboard, Commands, Bot Operations, cloning etc..’

After completing this learning, you will be able to:

“Define how AA’s RPA tool can be used for developing Bots.
Define AA’s Digital Workforce Platform, architecture, components, and the appropriate use cases

Value the facilitating approaches in creating and delivering custom trainings
Design, Develop and present your experiences on features of Automation Anywhere Enterprise application”

Courses Offering
Introduction to RPA
“What is RPA?

Why to automate repetitive tasks/process?

History of RPA

RPA developer roles and responsibilities

Automation vs. RPA

Benefits of RPA

Applications/ Where is it used? – (Industries using RPA)

Life cycle of RPA

List of RPA tools”

“What is Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere benefits

Set up of Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere products

What are Bots?

Automation Anywhere architecture

Types of Bots

Automation Anywhere Client Features

Automation Anywhere Enterprise platform

Automation Anywhere features, functionality, architecture, and major components

Developing Bots with varied recorders, commands, editors, control room, and runtime client

Automation, meta bots, IQ Bots and web recorders

Project/Program Managers and Project/Team Leads

Solutions Architects

Business Analysts

Software Testers

Product or Application Developers

Technology experts

Professionals from Operations and Support Teams

Sales and Business Development Professionals

Why should you go for Automation Anywhere training?
Oprato RPA course which is most widespread RPA Tool in the worlds Automation market is from AA. It gives enormous benefits, conveniently automated the development of simple, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks. This technology is adopted by most of the industries like banking, insurance, healthcare, etc. It has a wide range of benefits such as customer-friendly interface, reliability, and reduced cost. Automation Anywhere professionals are in high demand in the RPA market.

Basic programming knowledge

Basic knowledge of Database queries

Web Control Room Overview

Benefits of Control Room

Control Room administrator

Role based accessibility

Audit Logs

Workflow Designer

Features Of Web CR





Variables & Commands

Types of variables

Commonly Used Commands

Internet Command

Application Commands

System Commands

Meta Bots
MetaBots and its Usage

MetaBot Designer

Creation of MetaBots

Record Logic in MetaBot

Configuration in MetaBots screen

Calibrations in MetaBots screen

Recording in MetaBot

Import and Export Dataset command

AA Advanced Features
integration Command


Image Recognition

Error Handling


XML Automation

Object Cloning

IQ Bots
Introduction to IQ Bots

Install IQ Bots Designer

IQ Bots Creation

Design IQ Bots


Scheduling IQ Bots

Key Features
Preserve Your Workforce Efficient with Top RPA Technologies
Flexible modes of training

On Premises Class Room training, Online Training, Self paced online training.

Course designed for the corporate world

Progress assessment of employees in each step

Ready to Perform in projects after completion of the course

Experienced Trainers

Training will be inline with Real time projects

High Quality Training materials

24/7 Support for Trainees Queries while training

What are the system requirements for this course?
We will be using Automation Anywhere Enterprise Edition for this course. You will get 60 Days access of the Enterprise Edition of the Tool

Operating Systems: Supports only Windows Operating System

Processor speed: Recommended – Dual Core or higher

RAM: 8 GB or higher RAM

Get Training Completion Certificate on Automation Anywhere Certified Advanced RPA Professional.

The community forum for all our trainees that further facilitates learn through peer interaction.

Case Studies
Live project based on any of the selected use cases, involving implementation of the various RPA Using Automation Anywhere concepts.

Every class will be followed by a test to assess your learning skills

24 x 7 Support
We have 24×7 online support team to resolve all your technical queries, through ticket based tracking system

Please fill in your contact information so we contact you to meet your training needs


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