RPA (Robotic Process Automation) makes businesses more productive through self service.

Benefits of RPA:

  •  Works faster than human and saves labor
  •  Flexibiity, Scalability and Adaptability
  •  Better ROI
  •  Increased Efficiency and Improved Accuracy
  •  Promotes Agility

RPA – Lifecycle

Life cycle in RPA begins with analysis phase. Business team and RPA strategist/Architect work together to identify a business process for RPA development. Most of the development follows an agile methodology that to is customized (some modifications) agile.

The core intent of this analysis is to identify processes which are feasable for automation, as awell as can save manual effort and bring RoI.

Once after finalizing the process, planning of work that includes resources and time identification is being formulated with the help of an RPA lead.

A formal approach is being documented and after approval from all stakeholders development is started.

RPA developer(Team) starts working on requirement in their environment possibly a separate dev environment.

Most of the development is wizard driven, with limited or no coding/scripting effort required. However there are cases where RPA tools have limitation and coding needs to be done.

There are two approaches on which testing is being carried out-

1 – Separate testing team
2 – Testing done by RPA dev team only

Some of the organisation believe that Unlike SDLC-software development life cycle in RPA testing is not that extremely critical part in most of the organization, therefore, script correctness is verified by the development team usually, with a peer review and once it is done same is ready for deployment.

While other few have a dedicated testing team which perform a dedicated QA like normal SDLC flow.

We recommend to have a dedicated testing team which perform QA of developed bot.

After the Dev and testing closure, a bot is ready for deployment and enters maintenance phase.

Whenever a change comes in a process script/bot is updated or in a case, any issue is being caught in a bot same is being re-deployed by following the dev-test process again.

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